The Chopping Board

A mixtape of beats straight off the cutting room floor

Selected Sample Bibliography

Ennio's Third Wave: Ennio Morricone - Un Bacio

Her: Drip - Kabilugan Ng Buwan

we r at war: USS Hornet Sunk by Japanese Torpedoes During 10-Hour Battle (1943) | War Archives, AMERICA DECLARES WAR ON JAPAN - 1941

Bedroom Cash Flow (Couldn't Be Alone): One Wish - Brittany Cairns (Ray J cover)

Crate Digging: Dolly Parton - The Bargain Store

Ready To Get Hot: Hot 8 Brass Band - We Are One

Daydreams: King - Hey


When it comes to sample based music, I believe half of the art is in the "crate digging", that search for the hidden gem of a track from which to sample. The other half is in flipping that sample, interpolating it a unique manner and giving a new lease of life to the audio, like a game of Chinese whispers.

As my music is mostly based on sampling, I will always be candid about where I sourced my audio.