BTYSTE Interactive Stall

The design, build and curation of Nokia Bell Labs stand at the BT Young Scientist event

Winner of the Universal Design Award at the IDI 2020 Awards

Nokia Bell Labs Hardware Innovation team was tasked with creating a stall for Nokia Bell Labs at the BT Young Scientist, an annual school students’ science competition and technology event in Dublin. We aimed to give the children at the event a science lesson they would never forget, by bringing the science from their text-books to life, whilst shining a light on the kinds of things a researcher at Bell Labs deals with daily.

The stand went on to win the prestigious Universal Design Award at the IDI 2020 Awards.

"Nokia Bell Labs is a worthy winner of this year's IDI Universal Design Award. The team involved and the designed stall took on board age, size, ability and disability to design a fun, interactive and informative stall." - IDI Judging Panel


Cabinet of Curiosities

We designed and built a series of booths and installs that demonstrated various scientific principles in exciting and interactive ways. The demo units were created in house, with laser cut wooden enclosures and 3D printed components within. Each unit contained contained a science experiment that demonstrated a fundamental scientific principle, accompanied by a fun way of interacting with it. 

The stand was immensely popular with the students and competition attendees and was used the following 3 years to repeated success, the modular design allowing for new exhibit pieces to be swapped in annually.


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Project designed and built by Nokia Bell Labs Hardware Innovation Team, based in Dublin.

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