Nokia F-Cell Demo

Concept Cradle Design and Build for the Drone Deployed F-Cell

Imagine you are at an outdoor music festival, and the phone coverage began to drop due to high usage. What can be done to fix this?

For the Nokia GLT event in Sunnyvale, California, the Hardware Innovation Team were tasked with designing a demo that showcased the F-Cell, a low power wire free small cell, that can be rapidly deployed to increase mobile coverage in an area. In this near-future scenario, the network can detect stress on the network and autonomously deploy our drone to drop an F-Cell into the affected area.

The cradle for the drone-deployed F-Cell demo was designed for rapid deployment, durability and self sustainment. Equipped with solar panels, the cradle can protect and power the F-Cell while deployed..



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Project designed and built by Nokia Bell Labs Hardware Innovation Team, based in Dublin.

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